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    Bathroom Renovation Contractors Deception Bay

    Ready to elevate your bathroom to match the unique style of your home?

    Experience the coastal charm and suburban tranquillity of living in Deception Bay. In this picturesque setting, homes boast a diverse range of styles, from traditional Queenslanders to modern contemporary designs. With such variety, it’s no wonder that bathroom designs also vary greatly.

    If it’s time to spruce up your bathroom, now is your chance. Whether you want a contemporary-style bathroom for your busy apartment or a classic look to complement your heritage Queenslander, we’re the local bathroom builders for you.

    As your trusted bathroom renovation contractors, we provide the following:

    Certified Experts: Our team, QBCC-licensed and fully insured, guarantees exceptional craftsmanship, all backed by a 6.5-year structural warranty, providing you with peace of mind.

    Customised Solutions: Enjoy seamless project management as we oversee every aspect, from initial design to final installation, eliminating the need for coordinating multiple contractors.

    Completed in 2 Weeks: With our emphasis on efficiency, your bathroom renovation will be completed in just 2 weeks without sacrificing quality.

    Personalised Attention: As a local family business, you’ll collaborate directly with the owners, ensuring tailored consultations and efficient communication at every stage of the process.

    Upgrade your bathroom so it matches your home’s aesthetics. Contact us today so we can schedule a free consultation!

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    (07) 3184 4592

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    Don't take chances with a contractor who can't meet deadlines

    Don’t take chances with a contractor who can’t meet deadlines.

    Bathrooms are essential spaces in any home, relied upon daily for routine activities. If your contractor fails to complete the project on schedule, it disrupts your entire routine. You can’t rely on using a neighbour’s or your office bathroom indefinitely. When it comes to your bathroom renovation, efficiency is important in selecting the right contractor.

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    (07) 3184 4592

    Why Choose Us?

    On-time Bathroom Renovation Builder Brisbane Northside

    We understand the frustration of incomplete projects, especially when it comes to essential spaces like bathrooms. The disruption to your routine and the constant uncertainty of where to go for daily activities can be overwhelming.

    That’s why, in Deception Bay, we’re your reliable choice for bathroom renovations. We prioritise efficiency and ensure that our projects are completed on time, as promised. With us, you can trust in our commitment to delivering timely and high-quality results, minimising disruptions to your daily life.

    2-Week Completion

    Our efficiency makes it possible for us to finish our bathroom renovation projects in just 14 days without sacrificing quality. We don’t want you to be inconvenienced any longer.

    Certified Experts

    Our team is composed of QBCC-licensed and fully insured professionals. We guarantee top-quality craftsmanship. Our projects are backed with a 6.5-year structural warranty, giving our clients peace of mind.

    Customised Solutions

    Our customised solutions streamline the entire process from start to finish. From design to construction to completion, we offer a seamless approach to ensure smooth project management.

    Personalised Attention

    As a local family business, you’ll deal directly with the owners, ensuring tailored consultations and efficient communication at every stage of the process. This eliminates the need to communicate with different people for every phase of the project unlike other bathroom renovation companies.

    If you want to avoid contractors that can’t finish the project on time, choose us to be your trusted partner. Whether you need a small bathroom renovation or large bathroom remodelling, you can rely on us to do an efficient job and present you with your new bathroom on time!

    Let’s work together to come up with a good schedule. Call us today for a free consultation.

    Call today to schedule a free onsite consultation & quote

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    A proven track record of renovation excellence

    T K
    T K
    Professional, responsive, timely and great quality work. What you want when dealing with a builder. Mene from PAANA ticked those boxes. Thanks heaps for your work!
    Customer service was great, happy chaps
    Andrew H
    Andrew H
    Thanks to the team at Paana. Very happy.
    Matt Chadwick
    Matt Chadwick
    Very happy with all aspects of the of the recent works completed at my place. Fast and responsive from receiving the quote to booking in the work! High workmanship and quality from the tradesmen, very happy with the finish product Highly recommend!
    Leisa O’Brien
    Leisa O’Brien
    Great staff Excellent workers

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    (07) 3184 4592

     4 STeps to A Refreshed Bathroom


    If you’re ready to change your bathroom, contact us today and our team will do an on-site consultation. We’ll also discuss your plans and preferences for your bathroom.

    Tailored Design

    Our design team will conduct a more in-depth discussion with you so they can create a comprehensive plan. We want to deliver results as close to your goals as possible.

      Efficient Construction

      When the plan is approved, we can start our construction. We’re committed to finishing our projects in 2 weeks as planned.

      Enjoy Your New Bathroom

      Enjoy the feeling of your new bathroom! Bask in the new style and improved functionality that makes it worth the wait. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need changes.


      6 Benefits of Getting A New Bathroom

      Increased Home Value

      A thoughtfully renovated bathroom has the potential to significantly elevate the overall value and desirability of your property. It is a great investment that enhances its market appeal and sets it apart from others in the area, ensuring a profitable return on investment in the long run.

      Elevated Style

      Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom by infusing it with modern finishes and trendy designs that not only reflect your personal taste but also harmonise seamlessly with the aesthetics of your Deception Bay home.

      Environmental Sustainability

      Incorporating eco-friendly materials and fixtures into your bathroom renovation project reduces carbon footprint and fosters a more eco-conscious lifestyle.

      Improved Functionality

      Enhance the functionality of your bathroom by upgrading to contemporary fixtures and layouts that are carefully designed to optimise space utilisation and efficiency, providing you with a more practical and user-friendly environment that caters to your needs and preferences.

      Enhanced Comfort

      Immerse yourself in luxurious comfort as you retreat to your newly renovated bathroom, providing you with a serene sanctuary where you can unwind, relax, and rejuvenate in tranquillity and bliss.

      Energy Efficiency

      Installing eco-friendly fixtures and appliances in your bathroom reduces water and energy consumption, saving you money on utility bills.

      FAQs About Bathroom Renovations Deception Bay

      What is the average cost of a bathroom renovation?

      When tackling a bathroom renovation, the cost can vary depending on a few key factors. Consider the size of your bathroom, the quality of materials you have in mind, and how intricate the project is.

      For a standard full renovation, which includes replacing everything from tiles to fixtures with the help of licensed professionals, you’re looking at a starting price of around $16,000. However, if you’re eyeing up more luxurious finishes or need to make changes to the layout or structure, be prepared for costs to climb beyond $30,000.

      To get accurate pricing, contact us today so we can do a consultation and give you a quote.

      Can I live in my home during a bathroom renovation?

      In many cases, homeowners can continue to live in their homes during a bathroom renovation, especially if there are other bathrooms available for use. However, there may be periods of inconvenience, noise, and disruption to daily life, particularly during the demolition phase.

      Alternatively another solution is to schedule the renovation whilst you’re away on holidays so you can leave your old bathroom and return to a fantastic new bathroom.

      How can I ensure my bathroom renovation stays within budget?

      To ensure your bathroom renovation stays within budget, it’s essential to establish a clear budget from the outset and communicate it to your bathroom renovation contractor. Work with your contractor to prioritise your renovation goals and identify areas where cost savings can be achieved without compromising on quality. It’s also crucial to factor in contingency funds for unexpected expenses or changes to the project scope.

      How can I minimise disruption to my daily routine during the renovation process?

      To minimise disruption to your daily routine during a bathroom renovation, it’s essential to establish clear communication with your renovation contractor and plan ahead. Discuss your schedule and lifestyle with our team to determine the best times for work to be completed, such as weekends or evenings.

      Additionally, be prepared for some noise, dust, and inconvenience during the demolition and construction phase, but rest assured that we will work efficiently to complete the project as quickly as possible while minimising disruption.

      Do you offer other renovation services?

      In addition to specialising in kitchen and bathroom renovations, we also offer a range of other home improvement services. Whether you’re considering restroom remodelling or seeking to enhance various areas of your home, our team is ready to tackle a wide array of renovation projects to meet your needs.

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