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    Laundry Renovations Builder Brisbane Northside

    Embarking on laundry renovations in Brisbane can be a transformative journey, we understand the complexities of this undertaking and are here to make the process effortless. Here’s what sets us apart:

    Innovative Design Solutions: Our team excels at laundry makeovers, small laundry remodels and hidden laundry renovations that elevate the overall aesthetics of your laundry area.

    Quality Materials to Guarantee Lasting Impact: We use only high-quality materials and provide a 6.5-year workmanship guarantee on your laundry and bathroom renovations.

    Fast and Efficient Project Management: We offer a swift and efficient solution from design to finish. Your laundry room renovation completed in 14 days.

    Transparent and Competitive Pricing: Our transparent pricing ensures that you receive a competitive quote without compromising on the quality of materials and workmanship.

    Personalised Service: Our QBCC-licensed team is dedicated to providing personalised service, taking the time to understand your vision and incorporating it into the design and execution of your laundry room renovation. Your satisfaction is our priority.

    Let’s create a laundry space that makes washing clothes a joyful experience and at the same time adds value to your home.

    Based on the Northside, we service all of Brisbane Northside and beyond.

    Call us today for a free measure and quote.

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    (07) 3184 4592

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    Laundry Renovation Services In Brisbane Northside

    laundry reno brisbane

    Laundry Room Renovations

    Embark on a journey of transformation with our signature laundry makeovers. Whether you have a specific vision or crave creative inspiration, we pour expertise and dedication into every detail. Experience a personalised and efficient metamorphosis of your laundry space, where function meets emotion.

    small laundry renovations brisbane

    Small Laundry Room Renovations

    For snug spaces, our small laundry renovations cater to those yearning for efficiency without sacrificing style. Specialising in optimising cosy laundry corners, we employ innovative solutions to transform limited space into a sleek and practical design that resonates with your personal style.

    hidden laundry reno Brisbane

    Hidden Laundry Renovations

    Step into the realm of elegance and functionality with our European-inspired hidden laundry renovations. Tailored for modern living, we weave space-saving features and contemporary aesthetics into every detail. Let your laundry area transcend the mundane, combining efficiency with a touch of sophisticated emotion.

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    Steer clear of costly laundry renovation pitfalls

    Beware the consequences of picking the wrong contractors. Choosing budget ‘handymen’ may seem economical, but can lead to pricey repairs down the road. Opt for our QBCC licensed, insured, and meticulous team, delivering the superior craftsmanship your laundry renovation demands.

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    (07) 3184 4592

    Why Choose Us?

    Excited to have your laundry room renovation but feel unsure where to begin? The thrill often fades amid fears of delays, miscommunication during renovations and uncertainty of the results. We understand these concerns and use the following approach, making your renovation experience not just transformative but uniquely yours. Embark on your dream laundry transformation without being overwhelmed. Let us guide you through a uniquely tailored experience:

    Seamless Timeliness

    Thanks to our streamlined process and extensive specialised experience with bathroom and laundry renovations, we’re able to complete them in record time (14 days).

    Impeccable Quality

    We’re fast and efficient but that doesn’t mean we cut corners and compromise on quality. We treat every renovation with the same attention and care like we’re doing it at our grandmother’s home. We’re a QBCC licensed and insured company offering a 6.5-year workmanship guarantee on all our renovation works.

    In-House Design Expertise

    Our exclusive in-house design team streamlines decisions, eliminating delays. Enjoy expert consultations, ensuring a personalised, functional laundry space aligned with your preferences.

    Superior Personalised Care

    We’re a local family business, ensuring direct communication with owners. Experience a higher level of care, where preferences are understood and met, delivering a more attentive and personalised renovation journey.

    Why choose us? QBCC licensed, insured, 6.5-year guarantee, complete solutions, on-time efficiency, and superior personalised customer service. Ready to turn your dream laundry into reality? Let us be your trusted guide.

    Call today to schedule a free onsite consultation & quote

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    A proven track record of renovation excellence

    T K
    T K
    Professional, responsive, timely and great quality work. What you want when dealing with a builder. Mene from PAANA ticked those boxes. Thanks heaps for your work!
    Customer service was great, happy chaps
    Andrew H
    Andrew H
    Thanks to the team at Paana. Very happy.
    Matt Chadwick
    Matt Chadwick
    Very happy with all aspects of the of the recent works completed at my place. Fast and responsive from receiving the quote to booking in the work! High workmanship and quality from the tradesmen, very happy with the finish product Highly recommend!
    Leisa O’Brien
    Leisa O’Brien
    Great staff Excellent workers

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    (07) 3184 4592

    Seamless Laundry Room Reno in 4 Easy Steps

    Contact Us

    Whether it’s a call or submitting a quote form, take that first step towards revamping your laundry space. Our team is eager to hear from you, ready to understand your vision and kickstart the process of creating a laundry space you’ll adore.

    Tailored Consultation

    Dive into a personalised experience with a tailored consultation. Let us visit your space, engaging in a thorough discussion about your needs. Our goal is to expertly align your preferences, ensuring that the final result is a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics for your dream laundry space. Your Vision, Our Expertise.

      Construction Made Effortless

      We’ll work closely with you to schedule the renovation once you’ve given the green light to the plan. Our efficient team ensures the construction phase is smooth and hassle-free. With minimal disruption, we strive to turn your vision into reality, completing laundry makeovers within a short timeframe.

      Indulge in the Renewed Splendour

      As the final touches settle, relish the culmination of your renovated laundry room. Revel in the pride and satisfaction that come with a space exuding beauty and resilience. Count on us to surpass your expectations, providing a laundry area that not only aligns with your aesthetic desires but also enhances the overall pride and satisfaction you feel in your Brisbane home.


      5 Benefits of a Newly Renovated Laundry

      Improved Ergonomics

      We incorporate ergonomic design features for your laundry space, making it more comfortable and user-friendly.

      Advanced Technology Integration

      We integrate smart home technology options into your laundry room, adding convenience to your daily routines.

      Health and Safety Upgrades

      Laundry makeovers provide an opportunity to address safety concerns, ensuring your laundry space is not only efficient but also safe for everyday use.

      Multifunctional Use

      Laundry room renovations enable your space to double as pet washing stations, mud rooms, or craft areas, adding versatility to your home.

      Noise Reduction

      We utilise strategic soundproofing designs and options, providing comfort and relaxation in your home.

      FAQs About Laundry Renovations

      How large is a laundry room?

      The size of a laundry room largely depends on available space and individual preferences. Some laundry rooms are compact, fitting into closets or alcoves, while others in larger homes may have more square meterage for additional features like folding counters or storage cabinets. It’s essential to consider the available space and how you intend to use the room when determining its size. We integrate our clients’ vision and preferences in the laundry renovation while optimising the layout, ensuring functionality and efficiency, regardless of the room’s size.

      Can a laundry room be upstairs?

      Yes, a laundry room can be located upstairs. This is especially practical for homes with multiple floors, reducing the need to carry laundry up and down stairs. When considering an upstairs laundry room, ensure proper planning for plumbing and structural requirements to accommodate appliances and the added weight of water-filled machines. We specialise in efficient designs, ensuring proper plumbing and structural considerations for an upstairs bathroom and laundry renovation. Call us to learn more.

      How to remodel a small laundry room?

      A small laundry remodel involves several key steps. Start with an initial consultation to define your vision and preferences. Evaluate the existing layout and functionality, considering changes like demolition for a fresh start. Address plumbing and electrical alterations as needed, followed by essential tasks such as waterproofing, tiling, painting, and cabinetry installation. Finally, install fixtures and appliances, ensuring they align with the overall design and functionality goals. Trust us for a seamless and efficient small laundry room renovation. Contact us for a free consultation.

      What is a hidden laundry room?

      A hidden laundry room refers to a discreet and concealed space designed to house laundry appliances and storage without the traditional, overt appearance of a standard laundry area. This design often integrates appliances and storage behind cabinetry or within multi-functional spaces, contributing to a seamless and inconspicuous look within a home. Create your hidden laundry with expert guidance from us.

      How can I create a hidden laundry in my home?

      Creating a hidden laundry involves strategic design and thoughtful use of space. Consider integrating laundry appliances behind cabinetry or within a multi-functional room, such as a kitchen pantry or bathroom. Opt for folding or sliding doors to conceal the laundry area when not in use. Maximise storage solutions to keep laundry essentials neatly organised and hidden from view, contributing to a more streamlined and aesthetically pleasing living space. Trust us for expert assistance in bringing your hidden laundry vision to life. Call us today for a free on-site consultation and quote.

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