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    Bathroom Renovation Contractors Geebung

    Transform your bathroom into a personal sanctuary reflecting your unique story amidst Geebung’s historical charm.

    Even the bathrooms in each home have their own narrative. Beyond their functional purpose, they serve as sanctuaries for daily rituals and cherished moments, offering intimate spaces for personal relaxation and reflection. Let us help you share your story through our bathroom renovation services.

    As leading bathroom builders in Geebung, we offer our clients the following:

    • Peace of Mind: Experience the comfort of knowing that our expert team is QBCC-licensed, is insured and provides a 6.5-year warranty on works performed.
    • Tailored Solutions: Experience a tailored approach where every detail is customised to perfectly align with your unique style and needs.
    • Efficient Completion: Your new bathroom will be ready in just two weeks, minimising disruption to your daily life while ensuring timely delivery of exceptional results.
    • Local Family Business: As a local family-owned business, you’ll deal directly with the owners, guaranteeing personalised attention and fostering lasting community relationships.

    Count on us to craft a bespoke bathroom that becomes a cherished space, reflecting your unique style and preferences.

    Call us today for a free consultation!

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    Don’t let a plain, boring bathroom drag your mood down.

    An uninspired bathroom design can have a negative impact on your well-being and enjoyment. It also hinders you from being relaxed at the end of a tiring day. Unleash your creativity with the help of a bathroom renovator who can transform your bathroom into a personalised oasis.

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    Why Choose Us?

    Quality Bathroom Renovation Builder Geebung

    We understand how it feels to enter a bathroom that is plain and boring. It doesn’t spark any positive feelings and can drag down your mood. Nobody wants to freshen up in a space that looks old, tired and lifeless.

    Bathrooms are deeply personal spaces, and as such, they should reflect your individuality and energise you. This is where our expertise comes in. We specialise in infusing your unique personality into every aspect of your bathroom design, ensuring that each visit is an inspiring and rejuvenating experience.

    As your trusted bathroom contractors servicing the Geebung area, we help create unique bathroom reno projects that match the style and preference of our client. Whether it’s a small bathroom renovation or it’s a commercial restroom remodelling project, you won’t regret entrusting the work to us.

    Why Choose Our Services:


    Tailored Bathroom Creations

    Experience the luxury of a bathroom that perfectly aligns with your unique preferences and functional requirements. From initial planning to material selection and construction, every aspect of your renovation is customised to reflect your personal style and enhance your daily routine. Let us meticulously design and execute your vision, ensuring that your bathroom becomes a personalised sanctuary you’ll love.

    Peace of Mind

    Relax knowing our QBCC-licensed team adheres to the highest safety and quality standards. We are fully insured, providing you with peace of mind that your bathroom renovation is covered against any unforeseen circumstances. We stand behind our craftsmanship with a 6.5-year workmanship warranty, ensuring long-term reliability and satisfaction with your new bathroom.

    Swift 14-Day Transformation

    Say goodbye to lengthy disruptions and hello to your dream bathroom in just two weeks. Our efficient process guarantees a swift transformation, allowing you to enjoy your newly renovated space without major disruptions to your daily life. With minimal inconvenience, you’ll soon be relishing the comfort and beauty of your updated bathroom.

    Dedicated Family-Owned Service

    As a local family business, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional service and building strong connections with our clients. When you work with us, you’ll benefit from direct involvement from the owners unlike other bathroom renovation companies, ensuring a personalised experience and upholding our commitment to quality for every project.

    Don’t settle for a dull and lifeless bathroom any longer. Take the first step towards your dream bathroom today.

    Contact us to schedule a consultation and let’s embark on this exciting journey together.

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    A proven track record of renovation excellence

    T K
    T K
    Professional, responsive, timely and great quality work. What you want when dealing with a builder. Mene from PAANA ticked those boxes. Thanks heaps for your work!
    Customer service was great, happy chaps
    Andrew H
    Andrew H
    Thanks to the team at Paana. Very happy.
    Matt Chadwick
    Matt Chadwick
    Very happy with all aspects of the of the recent works completed at my place. Fast and responsive from receiving the quote to booking in the work! High workmanship and quality from the tradesmen, very happy with the finish product Highly recommend!
    Leisa O’Brien
    Leisa O’Brien
    Great staff Excellent workers

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    4 Easy Steps to Start Your Bathroom Renovation

    Schedule Your Consultation

    Ready to transform your bathroom? Start by scheduling an on-site consultation with us. We’ll meet to discuss your needs, capturing every detail of your vision to ensure we fully understand your expectations for your new bathroom.

    Design Tailored to You

    Our next step involves a detailed planning session where we delve into your requirements. Our goal is to craft a design that not only meets but closely aligns with your vision, ensuring the final product is exactly what you envisioned.

      Swift Construction

      After you approve the design, our skilled construction team takes the reins. We are committed to efficiently completing your bathroom renovation within a two-week timeframe, focusing on quality and efficiency to minimise downtime and disruption to your daily schedule.

      Enjoy Your New Bathroom

      Step into your newly renovated bathroom and experience the enhanced aesthetics and functionality. Should you wish to make any adjustments, remember, we are just a phone call away and ready to ensure your complete satisfaction.


      4 Benefits From Having A Bathroom Renovation

      Added Comfort and Aesthetics

      A bathroom reno can transform a dated, cramped bathroom into a more comfortable, visually appealing space with better lighting, spacious layouts, and stylish fixtures.

      Increased Home Value

      Renovating your bathroom can significantly increase your home’s resale value. A modern, updated bathroom is a key selling point for potential buyers.

      Enhanced Safety

      Older bathrooms can have safety issues such as slippery floors or mould and mildew buildup. Renovating allows you to install non-slip flooring, better ventilation, and other safety features.

      Improved Efficiency

      Updating fixtures like toilets, taps, and showerheads to more efficient models can reduce water usage, lowering utility bills and minimising your environmental impact.

      Bathroom Renovations Geebung FAQs

      What are the latest trends in bathroom design?

      Current trends in bathroom design include minimalist styles with clean lines, neutral color palettes, and natural materials. Technology integrations like smart showers and touchless faucets are becoming popular. Other trends include incorporating elements of nature with plants and maximising natural light.

      If you want more professional insights, contact us today so we can discuss your plans and our design team can provide their suggestions.

      What materials work best for bathroom floors and walls?

      Porcelain and ceramic tiles are popular choices due to their water resistance and durability. Natural stone tiles, such as marble, granite, or slate, provide a luxurious look but require more maintenance. For walls, moisture-resistant paint or tiles are best to prevent mould and moisture damage.

      Can a bathroom renovation improve my home’s resale value?

      Yes, a well-executed bathroom renovation can significantly increase your home’s market value. Bathrooms and kitchens are critical in home valuations, and updated, modern bathrooms are attractive to potential buyers, potentially offering high returns on investment.

      How do I choose the right contractor for my bathroom renovation?

      Select a bathroom renovation contractor with relevant experience, proper licensing, and insurance. Check their references and review examples of their previous work. It’s also wise to get multiple quotes to compare prices and understand what’s included in their services. Communication style and a clear contract are also important factors in your choice.

      Ensure smooth and high-quality results when you work with us. Call us today so we can schedule a free on-site consultation. We also offer a wide range of renovation services including kitchen and bathroom renovations, laundry renos, and even home extensions.

      Can bathroom remodelling improve energy efficiency?

      Yes, you can improve energy efficiency by installing low-flow toilets and taps, using LED lighting, and incorporating energy-efficient ventilation systems. These updates not only reduce water and electricity usage but also lower monthly utility bills.

      What are the best storage solutions for small bathrooms?

      Optimise the use of vertical space with tall, narrow cabinets and open shelving. Consider a vanity with built-in storage, and use recessed niches in the shower area for toiletries. Over-the-toilet storage units can also be efficient in utilising space that typically goes unused.

      For a well-planned small bathroom renovation, call us today so we can provide a free on-site consultation. Our team can offer professional insights to make your small bathroom optimised for functionality.

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